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Commercial Painting

If you own an office or a store, you’ll want it to look appealing. The interior and exterior painting of your building can make a big impression on customers, investors, and employees. Hiring a good commercial painting company is an essential part of getting the look that you want.


Industrial Tank Painting

At Martinez Commercial Painting, we pride ourselves on offering the best and most exclusive service in industrial tank painting. You’re probably used to seeing water towers and industrial tanks when you travel. We’re here to make sure they look as nice as they can. With pressure washing, sand-blasting, and top-notch painting services, we can make your industrial tanks look less like giant ugly boxes, and give them a distinctive color and appearance. Your tanks are an important part of your property and business; make sure they make a good first impression, with commercial painting services you can trust.

Martinez Commercial Painting is the number-one industrial painting expert in your area; call us today to learn more about our services.
Don’t forget to ask about high rise painting.

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Commercial Painting
Industrial painting
can cover a wide range of structures. From water and industrial tanks, to piping, cargo ships, light poles, and food and distribution plants,

 our industrial painting contractors have the right coatings to meet your needs. We offer an array of materials, like eco-commercial paints,
fireproof painting, thermal painting, fire retardants, and electrostatic painting.
Industrial paint jobs are built to last. We will fully clean your structure prior to painting to decrease the chance of chipping or cracks.
 Our painting contractors will be able to guide you through the process,
picking the best coverings for high traffic areas and to
safeguard against the elements.

Including Commercial MSHA Minning Painting

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